bar carallo

Quérote Madrid

Quérote Madrid

Located in Serrano 45, Bar Carallo hits Madrid with a contemporary Galician cuisine concept based on honesty and audacity. Brutalist architecture with a celtic inspiration and avant-garde interior design in
the heart of La Milla de Oro (this city´s treasure), where large windows and terraces are the promise of a neverending vacation. Non-stop kitchen from 12pm every day of the week. Regional wines paired with a rebel fusion of taste, textures and aromas brought directly from Galicia.

A contemporary Galicician cuisine concept based on honesty and audacity.

the best product, the best chefs

Octopus, Octopus
And more octopus

Octopus, Octopus

Galician food is fair and square. Good ingredients, wise cooks and loud toasts that rumble across the Atlantic ocean.

Faga sol ou chova

where We ARE?

Where We Are

Serrano 45. madrid.

From 12h till 00h.
T. +34 609 089 494
Parking distance: 40m.